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Chungju Campus General Affairs Department will try to provide faster and precise work processing and friendly administration service for the staff and the students to combine together with mutual respect and love, and all the members of Chungju Campus to have the love for the school and the ownership.
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Administration of KU Chungju Campus
The General Affairs Team is striving for a wide range of goals. These include fair personnel management of the staff, welfare programs such as teachers’ pensions (national, private schools) and medical insurance, fair and transparent procurement through open bidding, safety for each building, fire safety, thorough security, fast support for various events, and a fresh educational environment.  Also, we make available to the University community the easy and convenient use of Konkuk Gymnasium, Central Hall, and the International Conference Room. 
The Accounting Team has the tasks of fund management, accounting oversight, salary payments, year-end tax adjustments, receipt of tuition, various payments, tax reports, and various receipts.
The Facilities Team takes charge of planning, order, and management of various construction works(new building construction and ground making civil works), and at the same time, as maintenance work, performs the tasks of management and maintenance work for various buildings(electricity, equipment facilities, fire facilities, steel and wooden structures).
The Chungju Campus General Affairs Office seeks to provide faster and precise work processing and friendly administration services for the staff and the students to combined together with mutual respect and love, all with a view of nurturing a love for the school and a sense of ownership among all the members of the Chungju Campus.

Location : Administration Building Room 303
Tel : 82-43-840-3210