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Education-Industry Alliance Foundation (Chungju Branch) was established in 2004 under the government decree concerned, aiming at promoting university-business relations.
  • Education-Industry Alliance Foundation (Chungju Branch)

  • Home Administration Auxiliary/Subsidiary Organizations Education-Industry Alliance Foundation
Auxiliary/Subsidiary Organizations of KU Chungju Campus
The Education-Industry Alliance Foundation (Chungju Branch) was established in 2004, under the government decree concerned, and aimed at promoting university-business relations.
Its objectives include the following areas :
- to support government projects such as the New University for Regional
  Innovation (NURI) in order to enhance local universities' standards
- to promote the 2nd Brain Korea (BK) 21 project
- to carry out the Trade Incubator Program, which is designed to educate
  future trade experts
- to strengthen local economic competitiveness
- to help local government in terms of BT research, and related types of
Education-Industry Alliance Foundation
(Chungju Branch)

Location : Sanghuh Research Building Room 119
Tel : 82-43-840-3200