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We are promoting various industry-academic cooperations.
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Administration of KU Chungju Campus

The Department of Industry Academic Research is promoting various types of industry-academic cooperation.
The University has core research capabilities in the fields of bio, medical science, medical and life science, nano, livestock farming, economics and culture and arts, as well as 21st century knowledge of both culture and society. In addition, the University participates in an academic/research/industry research cooperative network that connects some 300 research institutes in and out of the country, along with one thousand enterprises, including members of the cutting-edge medical industry complex. This advanced network of academic research is now drawing interest and attention from all over the world.

Specifically, six tasks were selected from the World Class University (WCU) fostering project that prepared a stepping stone to leap toward joining the best class in the country with respect to basic natural science and cutting-edge applied science fields. These research projects will contribute to solidifying the status of being a leading university, creating a new knowledge culture and new industries, and lighting the future of mutual prosperity of humankind as a bridgehead advancing the new ideology and vision of Konkuk University.

Industry Academic Research Office

Location : Sanghuh Research Building Room 119
Tel : 82-43-840-3280