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Language Learning Center started as ‘Visual and Hearing Center’in 1984, and changed its name to ‘Language Training Center’ in 1990,‘Foreign Language Education Center’in 2001, and ‘Language Learning Center’ on Sept.
  • Language Institute

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Auxiliary/Subsidiary Organizations of KU Chungju Campus
The Language Institute operates the language learning center in order to foster the talent necessary for actively adapting to the rapidly changing international society. The Language Institute started as the ‘Visual and Hearing Center’ in 1984. Over the years, its name changed to the Language Training Center (1990), Foreign Language Education Center (2001), Language Learning Center (2008), and finally to its present title, Language Institute in 2009. It fulfills the duty of providing foreign language education, which is essential for Chungju Campus students’ capabilities for globalization, as well as offering Korean language education for foreign students.
Language Institute

Location : Joongwon Library Room 112
Tel : 82-43-840-3050