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International Affairs Office is pursuing the efficiency and the expertise of the outside and international cooperation works
  • International Affairs

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Administration of KU Chungju Campus
The International Affairs Office pursues efficiency and expertise in the operation of outside and international cooperative endeavors, as well as leading improvement of the image of the university through the establishment of plans and activities for various advertisements.

Establishing various language education programs centralized around the Language Institute, hiring native speaker professors to account for over 12% of the full time faculty and inviting three Nobel Prize winning scholars show that the efforts of Konkuk University toward globalization, so far, are harvesting visible results.

The various collaboration models, such as multiple degree system with 219 distinguished universities from 39 foreign countries, exchange student interchanges, international internship programs, language training programs, self-paid credit recognition systems and joint research activities, are all the fruits of the globalization projects led by Konkuk University.
The New Frontier Program, in which students can experience their majors and interested fields overseas and the Konkkuk University Overseas Volunteers Group are also playing spearhead roles for the Global Konkuk. Konkuk University is dispatching around 970 students overseas and hosting some 600 foreign study-abroad students.

Location : Administration Building Room 306
Tel : 82-43-840-3170