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Administration of KU Chungju Campus
The Student Welfare Office performs student welfare-related tasks such as employment(career) counseling and recommendations, scholarships, loans, support for student union group activities and events, student welfare, student IDs, and operation of the health clinic.

Aiming for scholarships for every student, we are extending scholarship opportunities for each student, and continuously supporting students by preparing various scholarship programs. Such programs include the Sanghuh Scholarship  which covers the entire tuition for entering students, as well as the Sincerity, Fidelity and Righteousness Scholarship that is paid to qualifying students.
Moreover, we are expanding the payment scale of the national scholarships such as the Miraero Scholarship and Segyero Scholarship and the outside scholarship opportunities from various scholarship foundations.

We have various and unique employment programs such as the KU Elite Program, KU Intelligence Program, KU Pre-Elite Program and Konkuk GLP Employment Camp, all of which are having a great effect. The  KU Elite Program  is a typical talent fostering program and more than 80% of the successful participants achieve results and land jobs in promising enterprises,both in and out of the country.
The  KU Pre-Elite Program is fostering the next generation of core elites needed by enterprises by supporting students preparation for employment with organized systems and minute strategies from lower classes. The KU Intelligence Program is fostering customized talents needed by local promising enterprises with sound finances and great potential.
Moreover, by operating the Konkuk GLP Employment Camp, which is an actual specialized program to train student for interviews, document preparation and image making, we are maximizing opportunities and multiplying employment capabilities.

Location : Student Center Room 210
Tel : 82-43-840-3220