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Admission of KU Chungju Campus
Application Process & Admission Process
1. Applicants must submit the admission applications and required documents brfore 
the deadline of the registration. (Current contact information of applicants should be
stated on the documents.)
2. Submitted applications and required documents will not be returned to the applicants.
3. Admission related information and grades of applicants will not be open to the public.
4. Applicants who fall under any of the following conditions will be considered
1) Applications are not properly made out.
2) Information written on the application or documents is false.
3) Scholastic and financial ability of the applicants is below the required level.
4) Applicants are barred from receiving education according to the applicable
Korean law.
Selection Principles
Successful applicants will be selected after being screened by their scholastic ability,
each recruit unit’s requirement, scores in Korean proficiency and required documents.
Application Fee
1. Application Fee: 150,000 won
Only the final successful candidates must pay this fee.
2. Korean Proficiency Test Fee: 50,000 won
All applicants excluding those students of the Konkuk Language Education Center
must pay this fee.

Important Notes
Responsibility for failed submission of documents, poorly made documents, omission of information, false information on the application, and other mistakes on the part of the applicants are the responsibility of the applicants themselves, and any expression of dissent on the way the University handles the situation will have no bearing on the situation.
Important notes for filling out the application
Contact: Contact information on the application such as e-mail, and available phone numbers either in Korea or the nation of origin should be accurate.
The applicant shall be responsible for any disadvantages (including cancellation of admission) caused by failure to submit required documents, errors or omissions in the documents, failure to fulfill the requirements indicated in the guidelines, indistinct addresses, correspondence failures, failure to check the list of admitted candidates, and failure to follow through on the procedures necessary to enter the country, etc.
Important notes for the Test of Proficiency in Korean
Applicants for the test shall arrive at the test room at least 30 minutes in advance of the beginning of the test.
Applicants shall bring their ID cards.
Applicants shall sit for both a written test (in the morning session) and an oral interview (in the afternoon session).
Important notes for the announcement of successful candidates and registration
Successful candidates will be announced on the website ( Results will not be notified individually.
Successful candidates must be fully aware of the important notes announced.
Successful candidates must remember that their admission will be canceled unless they pay the tuition by the end of the registration timeline (December 21, 2009 (Monday) -January 22, 2010 (Friday))
Tuition: Admission fee + School Fee