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Admission of KU Chungju Campus
Application Timetable & Application Qualification
Classification Date Remarks
Distribution of Applications & Documents Applications are available for download at any time.
Registration of Applications & Documents Early November Applicants and documents shall be submitted via mail, fax, or in person.
Korean Proficiency Test & Interview in Korea Early November Details about the test and interview place will be given later.
Applicants are required to bring documents about visa information to the interview.
Korean Proficiency Test & Interview outside of Korea Early December
Announcement of Successful Applicants Late December The list will be posted on the school website.
School Opening March  
* Applicants who have successfully completed the language education course of
Konkuk University can use their final grade from the language course in place of
the Korean Proficiency Test.
* The dates of the Korean Proficiency Test & Interview mentioned above are subject
to change, and individual applicants will be notified of any change in the schedule.

Application Qualification
1. Freshman applicants must meet all the following requirements:
1) Students and their parents should be foreign nationals. (Neither the applicant nor
his/her parents are citizens of Korea.)
2) He or she has received his or her entire primary and secondary (elementary, junior
high and high school) education outside of Korea.
3) He or she has Korean language proficiency that meets the qualification stated

2. Transfer applicants (to the third year of an undergraduate program) must meet all the
following requirements as well as the requirements of freshman applicants
1) He or she received (or is scheduled to receive) two years of education at a
four-year university (in or outside of Korea) and achieved at least half of the
credits necessary for graduation.
2) He or she is (or scheduled to be) a graduate of a two-year college (in or outside of
Korea) or is considered to have the equivalent qualification according to the local
3) He or she has Korean language proficiency that meets the qualification stated

3. Criteria for Nationality
The term ';foreigner'; refers to those who hold neither Korean citizenship nor dual

4. Eligibility Criteria for Academic Achievement Outside of Korea
1) Only those education courses at schools recognized by the local education-related
laws as appropriate can be acknowledged. Education courses, pre-university
courses, lifetime education courses, university courses for adults,
communications education courses, and Internet courses for the purpose of
language training will be excluded.
2) Courses at schools that are not considered a four-year university by the local
authorities will not be acknowledged.