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Admission of KU Chungju Campus
Application Method
1. Korean Proficiency (Pass/Non-Pass)
Eligibility Criteria for Korean Proficiency
1) He or she completed Level Four (or higher) at the Korean language course of
Konkuk Language Education Center.
2) He or she must submit a Certificate of Level 4 (or higher) of the Test of Proficiency
in Korean (TOPIK) administered by the Korean Institute of Curriculum and
Evaluation. (Grades obtained more than a year ago, based on the application
date, are not considered valid.)
3) He or she passed the Korean Proficiency Test administered by Konkuk University.
* Those who obtained a Level 3 in the Korean Proficiency Test mentioned
above are eligible for conditional admission.
* If those applicants who have been accepted based on conditional admission are
unable to obtain a Level 4 score on the TOPIK within one year, 6 credits will be
deducted from the available credits every semester as they enroll for the

2. Document Screening & Interview Grades (Pass/Non-Pass)
Applicants are evaluated by both their scholastic and their financial ability
after entering the University.
(The majors of art and physical exercise have a possibility to add some other tests)