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Admission of KU Chungju Campus
Financial Eligibility

1. Applicants must have sponsors who can take responsibility for the living and studying
expenses needed by the applicant for his or her stay in Korea.
2. Individuals with any record of illegal stay in Korea are not eligible as sponsors.
3. In principle, sponsors should be the parents of the students.
4. If the sponsor is a relative of the applicant, the document issued by the local
government to prove the family relationship should be submitted. If the sponsor is a
Korean, documents explaining the relationship should be submitted.
5. The sponsor should be responsible for school and living expenses. The sponsor
should also provide all expenses caused by an applicant’s violation of the law, such
as the immigration law, in Korea.
6. The sponsor should prove his/her financial ability to bear responsibility for the
expenses of the applicant. Additional documents or guaranty money may be required.