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Programs of Exchange Students & Language Training

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Admission of KU Chungju Campus
Documents to be Submitted

1. Important Notes
1) Responsibility for issues caused by poor preparation of the required documents
shall be borne by the students.
2) Additional documents may be required when the authenticity of the documents is
3) Those who received admission using a certificate of expected graduation should
submit the certificate and the certificate of grades to the university within one
month from the date of graduation.
2. Documents to be Submitted
1) Applications prepared by Konkuk University (attached to these guidelines)
ㆍRecord of Applicant
ㆍFive Passport-size Photos (3.5cm × 4.5cm)
ㆍAffidavit of Support
2) Documents related to the issuance of the visa
ㆍTwo copies of passport
- Copies of the documents that include the nationality and photograph of the
ㆍCopy of ID ? Both the applicant and his/her parents are required to submit
copies of their IDs.
ㆍAn original family record and a copy thereof ? Both the applicant and his/her
parents are required to submit the documents.
ㆍDocuments to prove parents’ occupation and income
ㆍAn original copy and copies of the certificate of graduation of the final education
received should be submitted.
ㆍRecord of medical exams – Records on tuberculosis and hepatitis should be
marked. (Data should be less than one month as of the date of entrance
to Korea.)
ㆍCertificate of enrollment – Applicants who are still attending a university should
submit a certificate of enrollment.
ㆍBank statement - A bank statement for more than $10,000 should be presented.
(The statement should date back more than 3 months.)
ㆍIn the case of parental divorce or death, related official documents shall be
ㆍIf the applicant’s mother or father is a Korean, additional document shall be
- The copy of the parent’s family register (The copy should be submitted after
the applicant’s parent’s international marriage is confirmed.)
- The parent’s resident registration card (for those who have resident
ㆍThe original copy of the family record and certificate of graduation will be
returned to the applicants after they enter Korea.
3) Additional data are necessary if the applicant has a record of visiting Korea or the
applicant is a foreigner residing in Korea.
ㆍDocuments to prove the applicant’s record of visiting Korea should be
ㆍThe copies of the front and the back of the foreigner registration card should be