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Programs of Exchange Students & Language Training

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Admission of KU Chungju Campus
Foreigner Registration

1. Successful foreign applicants shall register at a local immigration office within 90
days of their entrance into Korea.
1) Application place: the 1st floor of the immigration office in Cheongju. (Tel: +82-43
2) Documents needed
-Passport/ Colored photo (3.5cm × 4.5cm)
-Application form of foreign registration (The form will be distributed by the
immigration office.)
-Certificate of enrollment (To be distributed by the school after the beginning of the
2. Applicants will receive a registration card 15 days after application; he or she should
thereafter always carry the card.
3. If the foreign student moves, he or she should bring his or her passport and foreign
registration card to the local district office within 14 days.