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Chair, Board of Trustees
Kyung-Hee Kim
  • Board of Trustees

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We will grow as a sanctuary of intellects toward the world.Ever since the foundation, we, Konkuk University, under our school motto of sincerity, fidelity and righteousness, have sincerely performed important and worthwhile roles to the development of our country and society by fostering competent talents capable of securing the true advancement of national welfare and culture.

When the late Dr. Yoo Seok-chang founded a small non-profit hospital in 1931, nobody expected that it would grow into a large-scale comprehensive university that it is today. After all, it was an era marked by Japanese colonial rule with little hope left for the Korean people.

Despite the discouraging conditions, Dr. Yoo proceeded with his life-long journey as an educator and a social reformer. Indeed, Konkuk University (KU) is an important part of his dedication to the Korean people. To him, offering affordable education meant giving underprivileged people the opportunity for intellectual pursuit, whereas the objective of running a hospital was to treat people’s illnesses.

It is no surprise that he put “Sincerity (성, 誠), Fidelity (신, 信) and Righteousness (의, 義),” the university motto passed down to this day, before academic excellence. Upon graduation, KU students join the vital driving force of Korean society as men and women of both knowledge and integrity. KU is exceptional in supporting students in need; Konkuk University Medical Center is highly recognized for the treatment of its patients.

All of us at the KU Foundation have been making every effort to carry on Dr. Yoo’s legacy: we have built new school buildings, invited world-class researchers, and enhanced our teaching methodologies and systems. The Star City project is also a part of our multi-faceted efforts to fully realize his vision. We will strive to achieve a more creative and dynamic Konkuk community. That way, Konkuk will be able to take a big leap toward developing into a true world-class university.