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Our Konkuk University Chungju Campus was founded in 1980 based on the university founding spirit, and it has been producing competent leaders of the new era with sincere, diligent and brave frontier spirit while contributing to the development of the local and country.

 Already renowned for its beautiful campus and top-notch research facilities, the university strives to cultivate young talents who will lead Korea and contribute to the world, fulfilling what the late Dr. Seok-Chang Yoo envisioned decades ago. Dr. Yoo strongly believed that higher education, with emphasis on hands-on learning, is the key to maintaining the sovereignty of a nation and that such education should be available to all. His philosophy still remains as the cornerstone of Konkuk University.

The environment surrounding us is ever rapidly changing. To meet the challenge with resilience and to spearhead many areas of the growing Korean nation, Konkuk set up four visions; we want to be the most sought-after university by the younger generation; we want to be a first-class knowledge community leading Korea and the world; we want to foster leaders for the new economy and society; and we want to be a place that gives the less fortunate due care. In order to materialize the visions, we have been single-mindedly executing strategies to reinvent Konkuk in terms of operational efficiency, advanced research, and globalizing its community.

The good news is that, despite intense competition among universities, Konkuk enjoys a solid endowment foundation and a reputation as ‘the fastest-growing university in Korea.’ Still, the best has yet to come. Although Konkuk is already well-off, we need to push ourselves for another quantum leap, making Konkuk a much better place. I therefore urge all of you at Konkuk-whether you are prospective or current students, faculty, staff, graduate, parents, or visitors-to join the effort.

Last but not least, I hope that you will find what Konkuk means to you during your stay and wish the best of luck on your future plans.

President of Konkuk University