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Notice & News
No : 11   Date : 2009-11-13 Click : 728
Dr. Sang-heo Yu Seok Chang is the founder of KU, and is nominated as one of the 13 private schools founders in the 100 years of the modern private schools history.
Dr. Yu Seok Chang, with the agreement and under the auspices of 45 representatives from each area of the society, such as media and religion, including 33 Gimi representatives, established (May 12, 1931) and had been operating Corporation Minjung Hospital for public medical services and health campaigns in the later years of the Japanese colonial period, and with a certain plan, established Chosun Politics Academy on May 15, 1946, with the base assets of the Oseong school building (currently, Konkuk Building in Nakwon-dong) of 395-pyeong and the land of 667-pyeong, and the land of 263,480-pyeong including paddies, dry fields, and forest.

Expanding the land and the forest, and putting his heart and soul into the operation of the school, he established Chosun Politics Academic Foundation and Chosun Politics College in May, 1948, and they were raised to the status of Politics School and Politics University in Sep. 1949.

He prepared the 700,000-pyeong campus in Mojin-dong, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul in 1955, and established Konkul Graduate School Foundation and the Konkuk University in Feb. 1959.

As the Private School Law was enacted and announced in June, 1963, the Foundation was changed to an educational foundation with its organizations, and now we have more than 1.8 million-pyeong of school land and many profit business firms, and operating Konkuk University composed of 12 graduate schools and 18 colleges, teachers’ university, and subsidiary middle and high schools.
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