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Our Konkuk University Chungju Campus was founded in 1980 based on the university founding spirit, and it has been producing competent leaders of the new era with sincere, diligent and brave frontier spirit while contributing to the development of the local and country.
The history of Konkuk University (KU) dates back to 1931 when the People's Hospital was founded. The establishment of the Chosun Political Science School followed in 1946, which was later renamed Konkuk University. In its history of more than 80 years, KU has grown into a prestigious institution of higher education and research, playing a leading role in cultivating talents who contribute to societal growth. KU has been achieving remarkable development as one of the fastest growing universities in Korea amid the nation’s dynamic changes.


KU’s 180,000 alumni have been performing pivotal roles in all areas of Korean society. There are more than 3,000 faculty and staff members at the University, which includes the Seoul and Glocal Campuses, Graduate School of Medicine, and Konkuk University Medical Center, as well as around 25,600 undergraduate and graduate students enrolled as of 2014. These figures enable one to gauge KU’s level of contribution to Korean society and its stature in the world.


In the face of intense global competition and rapid advancements in science and technology, KU will continue to carry out its fundamental role of deriving significant research results and fostering professionals in many fields. Specifically, KU will establish an effective university management system, promote academic fields on the forefront that address important changes in the knowledge ecosystem, strengthen its global network by further facilitating international cooperation, and implement a user-oriented education system. The University will also take a step further by increasing and spreading knowledge that is critical to today’s society, thereby striving to contribute to the local community, the nation, and the global community.


I ask for your continued support, encouragement, and cooperation for the changes and efforts that KU is making for a great advancement for all.


President of Konkuk University, Heeyoung  Song