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President of Glocal Campus
Byungtae Jeon
  • President of Glocal

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Have you ever seen a TV show called Animal Kingdom?
All wild animals really abandon their beloved children at a certain point and cold-heartedly leave them.
Or drive away form their children. Why do they do that?
Parents in many advanced countries let their children become independent when they reach the age of 18.
They make them leave their parents, or even of they live with their parents, they have to stand on their own. Just like wild animals. Thus, it is very often for them to send their children to colleges out of town on purpose.

Chungju is a very beautiful city of loyalty with a population of 200,000.
There are some 8 thousand students at the Glocal Campus. There are also some 400 excellent faculty members who foster them ito sound members of society for 4 years. In our 6 colleges, there are specialized departments and divisions where students learn uniquely those specialized subjects that are not available anywhere else in our country or in the world except here at Glocal Campus. We also have a large scale dormitory that can house around 2,400 students and they can live together in harmony. There is an excellent large gymnasium and brightly lit outdoor stadium where students can play at their will and share teamwork and friendship even at night.

Our Glocal Campus graduates are know to be well adapted anywhere, to have better personalities the graduates from any other universities in the world, and to have abundant knowledge and leadership.

Wild animals never hold grown children in their bosom or suppress their independence.
Our Glocal Campus is waiting for those students wanting to start independent lives.
Thank you.