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KU Programs of KU Chungju Campus
Date Event
2010. Feb. 08(Mon) Beginning of the 2010 1st semester registration
Feb. 22(Mon) 2010 1st-half Degree Conferment Ceremony
Feb. 23(Tues) – Feb. 26(Fri)

2010 Freshmen Entrance Ceremony(at each school)

Mar. 01(Mon)

3ㆍ1 Day(National Holiday)

Mar. 02(Tues)

2010 Academic Year Classes Start

Apr. 07(Wed) 1/3 line for Class Attendance Days
Apr. 05(Mon) – May 01(Sat) Teaching Field Training for Seniors(Scheduled)
Apr. 19(Mon) – Apr. 23(Fri)

1st Semester Mid-term Exam

May 05(Wed) Children’s Day(National Holiday)
May 21(Fri)

Buddha’s Birthday

May 12(Wed) – May 14(Fri)

School Foundation Anniversary Ilgangho Festival

May 15(Sat) 64th Anniversary of School Foundation
Jun. 06(Sun) Memorial Day(National Holiday)
Jun. 15(Tues) – Jun. 21(Mon)

1st Semester Final Exam

Jun. 22(Tues) – Aug. 29(Sun)

Summer Vacation

Jun. 22(Tues) – Jul. 13(Tues) Summer Seasonal Classes
Aug. 15(Sun)

Independence Day(National Holiday)

Aug. 16(Mon) Beginning of the 2010 2nd semester registration
Aug. 23(Mon)

2010 2nd-half Degree Conferment Ceremony

2011. Aug. 30(Mon)

2010 2nd Semester Classes start

Sep. 21(Tues) – Sep. 23(Thurs)

Hangawi(National Holiday)

Oct. 03(Sun)

National Foundation Day(National Holiday)

Oct. 05(Tues) 1/3 line for Class Attendance Days
Oct. 18(Mon) – Oct. 22(Fri)

2nd Semester Mid-term Exam

Oct. 27(Wed) – Oct. 29(Fri) Sincerity, Fidelity, Righteousness Art Festival
Dec. 13(Mon) – Dec. 17(Fri)

2nd Semester Final Exam

Dec. 18(Sat) – 2011. Feb. 27(Sun) Winter Vacation
Dec. 20(Mon) – 2011. Jan. 10(Mon) Winter Seasonal Classes
Dec. 25(Sat) Christmas Day(National Holiday)
Jan. 01(Sat) New Year’s Day(National Holiday)
Feb. 02(Wed) – 04(Fri) lunar New Year’s Day(National Holiday)
Feb. 07(Mon) Beginning of the 2011 1st semester registration
Feb. 22(Tues)

2011 1st-half Degree Conferment Ceremony

Feb. 23(Wed) – 25(Fri) 2011 Freshmen Entrance Ceremony(at each school)
Mar. 01(Tues)

3ㆍ1 Day(National Holiday)

Feb. 28(Mon) 2011 Academic Year Classes Start