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Mosirae Buildings
Haeoreum Buildings
  • Dormitories (Mosirae/Haeoreum)

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Auxiliary/Subsidiary Organizations of KU Chungju Campus
Mosirae Buildings
Mosiare is the best university dormitory for 1,600 students studying and enjoying fresh school lives in 4 buildings with learning of the life norms. The automatic telephones and internet system installed in each room will heighten the accomplishment rate of the dormitory life and the classes, and the students can improve health and the cultivations with fitness center and libraries. The facilities supporting scholastic and hobby activities are ready, and it can be the grounds for college lives of pursuing friendship and harmony through festivals, open houses, and sports competitions.

Haeoreum Buildings
With total area of 4,108-pyeong scale twin tower both with 1 underground floor and 9 stories above ground, Haeoreum buildings is the newest dormitory which have 264 2-person rooms and 88 3-person rooms, accommodating total of 792 students. The convenient facilities in Haeoreum are diverse, including snack bar, restaurant, convenient store, PC room, hair shop, laundry room, and billiard room, and there are newest heating and cooling system, separate bathrooms, LAN and telephone installed in each room, so the comfortable life like home is possible.