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Humanities of KU Chungju Campus
We wish the 4 years in KU be the fine guidance for your future.

Study of Beautiful Tracks of the Media and Communication

The College of Media & Communications is a glocal college specialized in fusion research as regards the media and was established to produce talented people who will lead the 21st century smart era. The College aims to nurture leaders of the media and communications industry by providing elite, industry-relevant educational programs composed of theory and practice-oriented subjects.
Along with ‘the Department of Mass Communications’, in which students learn smart knowledge and dynamic technologies in various fields in accordance with media characteristics, we newly opened a Department of Dynamic Media to nurture broadcasting media and advertisement public relations (PR experts). With Korea’s one and only Department of Fairy Tales, Media and Content, which converges analogue and digital content, we also newly opened a Division of Communications & Culture that is composed of the Department of Korean Language and Literature and the Department of Creative Arts and Media. We have also responded to global changes by establishing a Department of English Language and Literature.
This combination is the most suited to a media and communications education and is the production of a specialized education that will lead world-class fusion research through the best faculty and outstanding students. We will provide a multi-dimensional educational environment that encompasses newspapers, broadcasting, media, advertisement, PR, fairy tales, content, and literature and languages all with a view to nurturing and producing media communications experts.

Administration Office

Location : College Of Media and Communication Building Room 209
Tel : 82-43-840-3312 FAX : 82-43-851-9325
Department Of Mass Communication Introduction Homepage
Department Of Dynamicmedia Introduction Homepage
Department Of Fairy Tale,
Media and Contents
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Division Of Communication & Culture Introduction Homepage

Department Of English Language
and Literature

Introduction Homepage