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Humanities of KU Chungju Campus
The Division of Communications & Culture is composed of a Korean Literature Major and Media Creative Writing Major. The Korean Literature Major passes along the excellence of Hangul (Korean Alphabet) and the spirit of the Korean ancestors through in-depth research on Korean linguistics and ways to appropriately evaluate Korean traditional culture and the life of the nation through systematic research on Korean linguistics. The Media Creative Writing Major is a cradle of creative media writing education suitable for the smart era and a mecca of media creative writing, nurturing experts through an education blending theory and practice. The Media Creative Writing Major produces creative experts who can accept tradition and new changes in cultural phenomena (analog and digital) at the same time by providing an educational environment in which students can immerse themselves in lectures and describe people’s thoughts and experiences with language and images that are placed on screen. 
Administration Office

Location : College Of Media and Communication Building Room 212
Tel : 82-43-840-3327 FAX : 82-43-840-3317