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In 1990’s the book search service started with the introduction of online search system.
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Administration of KU Chungju Campus
The Joongwon Library started its operation by receiving 20,000 books from the Sangheo Memorial Library on the Seoul Campus at the beginning. In 1984, the scale of the library was expanded with the operation of reading rooms and reference documents room, and as the current library building was completed in May 1987, it was expanded to 5,950m2, a size that can support the rapid growth of the university.
In the 1990’s, the book search service started with the introduction of an online search system.
The role of the library in the information-oriented era is to provide maximum services by collecting the massive amount of information and simplifying the process in order to provide to the users easy access and possession of the desired information in a short time.
We will expend every effort to help with the research projects and studies of the professors and students by collecting, organizing, analyzing, preserving, and accumulating the necessary scholastic information. The result will be the achievement of the educational goals of the university, which are to support the research projects and the study activities, provide scholastic information with cooperation with other libraries and information networks, and instruct library users systematically in the most efficient utilization of library resources.
Lending Office : 82-43-840-3778~9
Multimedia Information Square I : 82-43-840-3778~9
Multimedia Information Square II : 82-43-840-3979,3869
Degree thesis room, Bound Newspapers room : 82-43-840-3979
3rd floor Information Office : 82-43-840-3776
4th floor Information Office : 82-43-840-3775
5th floor Information Office : 82-43-840-3879,3869