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We foster the top class medical personnel.
The founder of our university, Ph. D. Yoo Suk-Chang, under the emblems of ‘serving people with medicine’ and ‘saving the nation through medical service’, opened Konkuk University with the social benefit central low cost clinic opened at Jongro-2Ga in 1931 as the matrix.
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Graduate Schools of KU Chungju Campus
Feel the dawn of change! Things that do not change can not draw any attention. Konkuk with unique diversion of ideas and faith of creation, is preparing a new takeoff.
The Graduate School of this university was founded in February, 1959 to explore the necessary sciences for the development of human society. The School was based on the principal ideology the democratic education and widespread and right use of them, and at the same time, to contribute to the development of culture by cultivating leading capabilities of academic research and uniqueness and nurturing leaders’ personalities. Since the foundation, it has operated in divisions of each department and major area, and currently, the following schools are in operation: one general graduate school, three professional graduate schools and twenty special graduate schools are installed.
Graduate Schools (Program List and Admission Guide)
Professional Graduate Schools
Professional Graduate School of Architecture
Professional Graduate School of Law
Professional Graduate School of Medicine
Special Graduate Schools
Graduate School of Public Administration
Graduate School of Education
Graduate School of Industry
Graduate School of Business Administration
Graduate School of Agriculture and Husbandry
Graduate School of Media and Public Promotion
Graduate School of Information and Communication
Graduate School of Design
Graduate School of Real Estate
Graduate School of Social Sciences