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Art and Design of KU Chungju Campus
We wish the 4 years in KU be the fine guidance for your future.
The College of Public Service is Korea’s first college established to produce public officers. With the aim of producing the talented people needed by a rapidly changing community and the world, it is composed of three departments and two divisions. They include a Department of Police Science, Department of Library and Information Services, Department of Early Childhood Education, Division of Public Administration and Social Welfare (Major of Public Administration and Major of Social Welfare) and Division of Interdisciplinary Studies. As a multidisciplinary study, we will play a role in producing talented leaders in various areas including government, public organization, education and academic fields.

Administration Office

Location : College of Public Service Building Room 109
Tel : 82-43-840-3413, FAX : : 82-43-851-9326

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