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President of Konkuk

Konkuk University will Lead the Future with ‘Creativity-Centered Education’ and ‘Coexistence-Communication Management’

“Under the slogan, ‘A History of Leadership’, I pledge a journey of a new 100-year history for Konkuk University.”


YoungJae Jeon, Ph. D.
21st President, Konkuk University

It is an honor to introduce myself, YoungJae Jeon, as the 21st President of Konkuk University. As a prestigious private institute, Konkuk University shares its rich history with Korea. The founder of Konkuk, Dr. Seok-chang Yoo (pen name: Sanghuh) whom we respect and take great pride in served the people in dark age for a brighter future. Dr. Yoo established Konkuk University realizing a great mission of rebuilding the nation during the harsh colonial period. The 100-year history of Konkuk University embodies the founding philosophy of ‘nation building through education’.

Konkuk University’s history has been all about facing challenges and commitment to our community. I hereby will take bold steps to create a new Konkuk based on the spirit of Sanghuh, challenge and commitment, and the philosophy of communication and coexistence.

‘Creativity-centered education’ will be the foundation to open up the future of Konkuk. Creative talent for the future society would be the ones with novelty without being restricted by old framework. Konkuk University will rapidly respond to the future society with education that drives novelty. To that end, we will converge the diverse experiences to cultivate creative talent through a creative education system. We will innovate educational content and teaching methods befitting the new era of hyper-connection, hyper-intelligence and hyper-convergence. By introducing technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, we will also build an innovative education infrastructure.

The fundamental principle of our policy and operation will lie on ‘Coexistence Management’. ‘Mutual trust’, which Dr. Yoo highly emphasized, will be required for the principle of coexistence. Together we will establish a coexisting communication system where university and faculty, faculty and students and students and university can all be satisfied through communication and coexistence.

As the 21st President of Konkuk University, it is my goal to make a transition of Konkuk University to enter the World’s Top 100 Universities, and to elevate the standing of Konkuk University to a world-leading prestigious private institute. I dare say that Konkuk University will take a leap forward to become a proud university of the future showing ‘Power of Konkuk’ with the spirit of coexistence. Under the slogan, ‘A History of Leadership’, I pledge a journey of a new 100-year history for Konkuk University.