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Danwol Daedong Festival
On the anniversary of the school foundation, the Danwol Daedong Festival, appropriately scheduled during the emerging greenness of May, celebrates the establishment of the school. In addition, collective research report seminars and exhibitions in each area of research, science, culture, and art are held. This event is run by the Student Union and is the biggest self-administered student event in which all of the clubs and departments participate.

New Comer Greeting Athletic Meet
Every mid-March, a New Comer Greeting Athletic Meet is held to promote unity among the new students and to inspire a love for the school. The event has the goal of gathering together in one place all the new students in each school so that they can meet and understand each other and pledge to have a better university life. The competitions in the event include traditional wrestling, football, basketball, volleyball, football tennis, and tug-of-war. This athletic meet is held in the spring and serves to foster a sense of unity and love for the school among new students and harmony among all KU men and women.

Sincerity · Fidelity · Righteousness Art Festival
In addition to the Danwol Daedong Festival in May, another major student event is held every late October: The “Sincerity • Fidelity • Righteousness Art Festival.” This event is based on the school spirit encapsulated in the motto “Sincerity • Fidelity • Righteousness.” The event constitutes a major contribution to the formation of a congenial school atmosphere on the beautiful KU campus, and at the same time, it offers a chance to celebrate the scholastic and cultural achievements of each school. Each year, the event succeeds because of the intelligence, hard work, and creativity of all club members.