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Joongwon Library

  In addition to the establishment of the Chungju Campus of the Konkuk University in 1980, the library was opened as the Chungju Branch of the Konkuk University Central Library and changed its name to the Joongwon Library in 1989.

  In 1984, the library was expanded to include additional reading rooms and reference rooms. In 1987, the independent library building was completed. In 1994, the building was expanded to include a total of 5,950 square meters of ground floor and 5 floors above ground. In addition to the information room and reading room, a variety of cultural facilities and convenient facilities that allow users to relax, discuss, and conduct cultural activities.

  In order to achieve the " ideology, sincerity, and faith" of the university, the library aims to collect, organize, analyze, preserve and accumulate scholarly information, to support research and learning activities through collaboration with other libraries, to reinforce research and learning activities of professors and students by systematic instruction of library use, and to act as a role of a resting place. The Joongwon Library will continue to support the achievement of the 'KONKUK GLOCAL INNOVATION 2025', a vision to become a leading university with educational and academic cooperation based on the Glocal principle.

The Joongwon Library